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FlipTeach consists of short engaging videos that your students can access in their own time.

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Why FlipTeach?

FlipTeach is a teacher resource that gives your students the chance to study before the lesson. You can select and purchase over 30 videos that are specifically designed to engage the learner with visually stimulating 10 minute videos. Each video tackles a challenging section of the curriculum and uses live videos and images to bring the theory to life. Importantly, FlipTeach is designed to ease the workload on the teachers, not increase it.

Benefits to FlipTeach
  • Can be accessed at students pace
  • Easy to use site
  • Prepares students for the lesson
  • Reach higher order thinking sooner
Laws of Newton:

Example Video

  • Clear and concise
  • Visually engaging
  • Live practical examples
  • Excellent explanation
  • Linked to the curriculum

As easy as...

  1. 1 Register
  2. 2 Choose your units
  3. 3 Flip your class

Students say...

  • I have gone into some of my classes and wondered why they don’t flip the lesson, it just makes so much sense.
  • It’s so much easier going into lesson knowing what we are covering, it’s more of a conversation.
  • They work at a good pace, not too fast but short enough for me to fit them into my studies.
  • I have used the videos and love the fact they have live video in them to help visualise the theory.
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