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Ash Morris
Ash MorrisA level PE Teacher
Ash Morris
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Hi, I'm Ash Morris and I'd like to explain how I first discovered flip teaching and why I think it has an important role in my classroom.

I work in an outstanding college and it was here that I created a web page ashpe.weebly.com, with resources for my A level students. I posted a video of my Powerpoint, just explaining a complex issue that I thought the students needed support with. The student’s response was to ask for more videos! After reading flip your classroom by Bergman & Sams, I knew what I wanted to do to my classroom. I created short videos that allowed the students to access brief explanation, of the key elements before they came to the class.


Every year in teaching there appears to be a 'trend' in pedagogical practice. However, what I could see in my class convinced me to pursue the use of flip theory further. The pupil's confidence in class increased, their ability to engage with more challenging questions happened quicker. The students were able to access higher order thinking skills sooner. The feedback was positive and the learners all appreciated the concise but accurate nature of the videos.


Looking back on the early videos they were OK. The biggest mistake was putting me on camera, I'm not photogenic. However, I felt that the videos needed to be more engaging. I tried to tap into more senses to enhance the learner experience, and retain the information. The application of the knowledge in the videos was the ultimate goal, showing the students what the theory meant in a sporting context. This is why I moved to creating better videos and this website. I'm confident that the videos have enhanced my classroom beyond recognition, and I want it to enhance yours.


Over the years I've got used to the sound of my own voice, and now I've developed a highly visual process that engages the learners. Instead of a narrative over power points, or just written words, I've created clear and engaging videos, that have either exam questions to check understanding, or practical examples embedded in the short 10 minute clips. This means that FlipTeach, is an opportunity to let your students work independently, and learn at their own pace outside of class.


The aim is to help as many teachers who have not flipped their class, take the first step. By simply registering and having an open mind, you can easily support you're A level students outside the classroom. As the A level is seen as one of the biggest challenges students face, it's here that I want to dedicate my efforts. Eventually, I want to be able to flip all subject areas in A level, and include GCSE, and more vocational studies.

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This site was almost solely designed and built by Paul Davey. He has taught me a great deal and without him this site would simply not be. Paul quickly saw the need for functionality as the fundamental element of the site. Along with this he has designed, built and created, a man with exceptional skills.