Can you flip?

Can you Flip?

FlipTeach consists of short engaging videos
that your students can access in their own time.

FlipTeach is a PE resource that gives your students the chance to study before the lesson.  Select and purchase over 40 videos that are specifically designed to engage your learner with visually stimulating 10 minute videos.

Each flipped video tackles a challenging section of the PE curriculum and uses engaging videos, images and animation to bring the theory to life. Importantly, flipped learning is a student centered approach that is designed to ease the workload on the teachers, not increase it.  This innovative teaching method supports the student’s well being by increasing confidence before they get in the class. It has enhanced my A level PE classroom beyond recognition

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  • Can be accessed at students pace
  • Easy to use site
  • Highly effective homework
  • Reach higher order thinking sooner

Sample Video

  • Student centred approach
  • Visually engaging
  • Supports students
  • Directly linked to the PE curriculum

As easy as...

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Add your PE class
Flip their learning